VISION Spark Slick 34" 36" 40" 42" Bodyboards

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Spark XPS Bodyboard
The Spark 36" and 42" are enhanced versions of the entry level Ignite bodyboard, with the same great shape and construction that makes for an easy wave catching and manoeuvrable board. The Spark 36" and 42" come in more bright colours, with an awesome marbled graphic slick and an upgraded urethane leash for greater durability and less tangles.

The Spark 34" is the Junior version of the larger Spark bodyboard but does not have the same slick bottom. They come in great colours and comes complete with a leash.
Features Spark 36" and 42"
  • Construction: Heat laminated construction
  • Core: 100% waterproof XPS
  • Deck: 4mm XPE
  • Rails: 4mm XPE
  • Bottom: 0.4mm HDPE slick (marble)
  • Leash: Straight urethane
  • Features: Channels
Features Spark 34"
  • Vision V-Core: Polyethylene core especially developed for bodyboards with a slight flex for a better performance
  • Deck: 4mm XPE a crossed linked polyethylene which has a semi smooth finish with a slight shock absorbing feature The XPE has a closed cell structure which provides a 100% waterproof finish
  • Bottom: 4mm XPE
  • Crescent shaped tail
  • Includes a simple webbing leash with adjustable wrist strap