Vision 40" Spark Bodyboards with Leash

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The Vision Spark bodyboard is a perfect beginner bodyboard. It is a great versatile and durable board for everyday riding that performs well in good sized surf. The bottom features a great slick for enhanced board performance that not only adds strength but also a resistance free riding surface that increases sped and manoeuvrability on the water. 



  • CONSTRUCTION: Heat Laminated Construction
  • CORE: 100% Waterproof XPS – Lighter than Dow and PE core, this core is great for everyday immediate riding. This core performs extremely well in good sized surf. The XPS Core is an EPS foam made exclusively for bodyboarding
  • DECK & RAILS: 4mm XPE – This is a cross linked polyethylene material which as a semi smooth finish which while maintaining its density also has shock absorbing properties. The XPS has a closed cell structure which means that it keeps the water out.
  • BOTTOM SIDE: 0.4mm HDPE slick (marbled) – The HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) slick is used on the bottom of the board to enhance the performance characteristics of the board. Not only does the HDPE slick add strength to the bodyboard, but it also gives the bodyboard a resistance free riding surface to enhance speed and manoeuvrability on the wave
  • LEASH: Webbing/Straight Urethane – The Vision webbing straight leash is made with a strong webbing type material and has an adjustable wrist strap
  • FEATURES: Channels – These channels are moulded in the tail of the base to allow for better turning and grip on the face of the wave
  • RIDERS : Fits riders 157-167cm (height) and 42-72kg's (weight)
  • SIZE : 40"