SURFEARS Junior 2.0

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Junior earplugs developed for children, keeping their ears safe while they are able to hear, speak and enjoy their time in the water.



  • IMPROVED ACOUSTICS: New Re-Design of SurfEars 2.0 to allow greater sound penetration so you will hear even better.
  • ADDITION OF LEASH: SurfEars 2.0 comes with an adjustable leash for added security.
  • BETTER FIT: Studying the anatomy of the outer ear SurfEars’ has managed to increase the number of contact points, ensuring even better fixation.
  • HYDROPHOBIC COATING: New HY+ coating increases water repellency for better performance.
  • RE-DESIGNED SEALING GEL: SurfEars 2.0 features a redesigned sealing gel which improves water seal, fit and comfort. Shorter intrusion depth to accommodate for people with severe surfer’s ear and is adjustable to fit all ear sizes.
  • Suitable for most children aged 5-12. If you are uncertain about if this will fit, try measuring the opening of the ear canal which should be 6-10mm (0.24-0.4inches).


What’s included: 

  • One pair of SurfEars Junior, pre-assembled with small gels and an adjustable lead.
  • Sealing gels in size x-small.
  • A storage case to keep them safe.