Solarez Softboard Repair Kit

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SOLAREZ® repair putty is a mixture of high-strength, fiber reinforced polyester resin and an amazing solar-activated catalyst which repair dings like no other. 


This is perfect for any soft board for SUP’s, bodyboards and soft surfboards. This is tough, clear, flexible and waterproof.  


Styrofoam & EPS-core constructed soft surfboards, bodyboards and SUPs are incredibly popular these days but provide a real challenge to repair. SPONGE-REZ is awesome for repairs on the outer skin and hull, but can melt the inner core, if EPS. 


The Solarez® EPOXY UV-cure does not melt the inner core and can act as a super-quick primer so you can apply SPONGE-REZ on top where internal repairs such as delamination’s or deep dings can then be repaired.



  • EPS safe
  • Ideal for SUP’s, bodyboards and soft surfboards
  • Tough, clear and flexible
  • Waterproof
  • Does not melt inner core unlike others
  • Can act as a super-quick primer
  • Ideal for deep dings
  • Made in the USA dispatched by a top rated UK seller