Solarez Polyester Resin Ding Repair Kit

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SOLAREZ® repair putty is a mixture of clear, non-yellowing, high strength, fiber reinforced polyester resin and an amazing solar activated catalyst. There is no mixing required, just use it right from the tube. It gels in 30 seconds, curing in 3 minutes – but ONLY when exposed to sunlight.


SOLAREZ® 77200 is their original fiber-reinforced putty from 1987 with UV inhibitors designed primarily for surfboard repair with weatherability. It possesses good corrosion resistance and mechanical specs that make it suitable for many applications repairing wood, metal and many plastics except Styrenics, like styrene sheet and Styrofoam which it will melt. Ceramic fibers impart higher heat tolerance as well as increasing the putty’s overall adhesion as these fibers denier is quite thin and allow for good mechanical “tooth”. Glass fibers impart good fill & formability into voids that when cured, can be machined or tapped. 


The putty cures upon exposure to the safer UVA light (365-400 nm) amply available in natural sunlight and low wattage fluorescent suntan bulbs. This putty exhibits a prolonged “B-Stage” whereby it remains firm and rubber-like for a good 10 minutes allowing the user to cleave off excess material and make for an easier final sanding.


In general, mechanical properties are excellent. It can be sanded, drilled and tapped and is an excellent substrate for painting. Polyester putties have long been used in the automotive industry as body fillers and the fiberglass fibers increase the products overall durability and mechanical tooth as well as corrosion resistance.



  • Ideal for repairing dings or cracks in fibreglass / epoxy surfboards, SUPs etc
  • Proprietary formula assures that millions of fiberglass fibers are thoroughly wet-out and evenly dispersed in every dose
  • Use straight from the tube, no mixing required
  • Clear mixture
  • Non-Yellowing
  • Fiber reinforced Polyresin
  • Amazing solar activated catalyst
  • Eco-friendly green technology
  • Bubble-free mixture
  • Denser cross-linking and surface cure
  • No residual peroxides
  • UV Stable
  • UV Curing
  • Comes with 60/240 grit sand pad
  • Made in the USA dispatched by a top-rated UK seller