Sola 6ft 7mm Surfboard Leash

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The SOLA Surfboard Leash is the ideal piece of equipment for securing your surfboard whilst enjoying the waves!  The leash has been designed with triple wrap rail saver with built-in, maximum strength leash to ensure your surfboards stays with you.  The leash has moulded ends with double brass swivels for freedom of movement, preventing the leash from becoming tangled.  For added safety, the leash has a quick-release cuff and has been designed with a plug cord and key pocket.



  • Size : 6ft x 7mm
  • Double swivel
  • Maximum strength
  • Quick-release cuff
  • Triple wrap rail saver with built-in leash
  • Plug cord
  • Key pocket
  • Moulded ends with double brass swivels
  • Colour : Green