Odyssey Ladies 3:2mm Full Length Wetsuit

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Odyssey uses high quality 3mm Core Flex neoprene for the entire suit. Core Flex is soft and stretchy 100% neoprene with Nylon laminate providing excellent comfort and warmth. Flatlock stitching is used throughout to give the suit a high level of durability and a comfortable fit. We are very excited to be able to offer such a high spec suit for such a low cost. These wetsuits really do offer exceptional value for money.



  • 3mm Core Flex neoprene for maximum mobility & comfort
  • Titanium bonded neoprene, to increase heat retention
  • Flush barrier neck closure system with zip lock
  • Glide Skin neck seal for added comfort and anti-flush properties
  • Windproof mesh panels on chest and back for added warmth in vital areas
  • Rubberised knee pads for enhanced grip and protection
  • A handy key pocket with retaining bungee cord


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