Hydro-Pro SeaClear Flowtech Snorkeling Mask

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The HydroPro™ Flowtech™ FullFace Snorkel Mask is the most efficient full face air flow system. It's perfect for all your favourite water adventures, including snorkeling, swimming laps and exploring the open water underwater. This innovative, next generation snorkeling mask and snorkel design enables you to breathe naturally through your nose and mouth while in the water. 


The dual air flow technology was designed for air to flow in and out of the mask through two snorkel openings, ensuring fresh air with each breath. The advanced dry top snorkel technology prevents water from getting into the mask when it is submerged. 


There's a small flotation device that seals off the top of the snorkel, so you can dive down under the water without fear of getting water into the breathing area. The soft, silicone fullface structure sits comfortably, while also allowing you to plug your nose to equalize pressure without the hassle of removing the mask. 


For your next snorkeling adventure, be sure to bring along the HydroPro SeaClear Flowtech Snorkeling Mask.


  • The Bestway Hydro-Pro SeaClear Flowtech Snorkeling Mask allows you to breathe freely and naturally underwater
  • The soft silicone rim of this full-face snorkel mask provides an extra comfortable fit and allows you to equalize pressure
  • The Dual Air Flow technology has two snorkel openings, designed to allow you to breathe through your nose and mouth
  • The full-face mask Dry Top technology prevents water getting into the mask when submerged
  • Separate tubes for inhalation and exhalation 
  • Size : S/M or L/XL 
  • Dimensions : (L) 16.5” (42cm) x (W) 9”” (22.5cm) x (H) 6.5” (16.5cm); (more than 12 cm (4.5 in.) from the bridge of your nose to your chin)