H2O Kayak Anchors

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Folding Anchor Kit - with 1.5m chain & 30m rope

This folding anchor kit can be easily stowed and carried in the back of the kayak making it ideal for use when fishing and snorkelling. It fits neatly into a hatch or under bungees in a well. It can also be used for anchoring small boats, dinghies, inflatables, tenders, ribs and jetskis. Includes: 1.5kg folding galvanised anchor, 30m x 6mm 3 strand polypropylene rope and 1.5m x 6mm short link chain (total kit weight 3.35kg).

  • 1.5kg folding galvanised anchor
  • 30m x 6mm 3 strand polypropylene rope
  • 1.5m x 6mm short link chain
  • Total kit weight 3.35kg

Folding Anchor Kit

Inexpensive and easy to store, the H2O Folding Anchor Kit makes an Ideal backup anchor on larger boats or can be used as a primary anchor on smaller boats, sailboards kayaks, canoes and inflatable boats.

  • 3.5 lb folding anchor with 6.5 M of 1/4"" line
  • Adjustable float
  • Stainless fast eye boat snap

Rubberised Danforth Anchor

This H2o anchor has a rubberisied coating to protect hull from damage. This danforth anchor kit is ideal for canoes, Kayaks,PWCs, small RIB's/tenders/boats and dinghies.

  • 1.5kg yellow coated Danforth anchor
  • 7.2 m of anchor line
  • Nylon rope storage bag with a drawstring
  • Anchor is approx. 13Ó(33cm) wide x 17Ó(43cm) long

Sand Anchor

Ideal for anchoring in shallow water in calm conditions. Fill the durable vinyl/polyester tri-laminate anchor bag with up to 18 kg of rocks or sand. A buoy marks the anchor's location.

  • 2.3 m rope and snap hook
  • Bag is 28cm x 25cm