GoSea Sit On Top Kayak Trolley

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This GoSea heavy duty sit on top kayak trolley is designed for the easy transportation of sit-on-top kayaks. This is a must have for anyone transporting a sit on top kayak or, just to make the job a lot easier. Put your kayak on the trolley, load it up with all your kit for the beach and wheel it down.


Built with a pair of adjustable 22mm diameter scupper prongs it can be used with any sit on top kayak that has scupper holes. Very easy to use by simply adjusting the width of the prongs and sliding them through the scupper holes in the kayak. This style of trolley means that no straps are needed.


Unlike most scupper trolleys, which can be tricky to get a kayak on to and often require two people, the GoSea trolley has a very handy adjustable kickstand keeping it in an upright position and therefore making it much easier to place your kayak on top.


The trolley is manufactured from high grade alloys with welded seams and tough, all terrain solid rubber tyres that will never puncture or go flat! The tyres are lightweight and strong and offer much better suspension and grip compared to normal wheels.


It is fitted with quick release 26cm diameter puncture proof tyres that are suitable for rough terrain including grass, sand, stone, shingle and rock. The trolley also dismantles in seconds, making it perfect to stow in your kayak if you need to take it with you whilst you are on the water (see image in gallery)


The range of adjustment of the trolley's prongs are between 14cm and 55cm. As long as your kayak's scupper holes are between this width, this trolley is perfectly suitable.


  • Handy kickstand for easy boat loading and to help keep the kayak upright
  • Detachable, quick release 26cm tough tyres (no need to reinflate, never get a puncture)
  • Heavy duty, collapsible frame is marine grade aluminium anodized after fabrication
  • Soft rubber bumpers to protect your boats hull
  • Comes with instructions with annotated
  • Maximum weight load of 50kg