Campingaz Xcelerate Series 400ST Double Gas Burner

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The powerful new Xcelerate technology ensures high performance and fast boil time when cooking outdoors, especially in windy conditions. 


Featuring two Xcelerate burners and an additional infrared grill that is perfect for toasting. Packing away is made easy - simply fold down the 400ST and the integrated sturdy lid protects the appliance and carry handle makes it ideal for transportation.



Xcelerate™ Burner Technology - Cut your boil time in half with Xcelerate™ Technology. The combination of the Xcelerate™ burner and wind blocking pan supports provide the ultimate wind resistance for your gas stove flame. With Xcelerate™ you speed up your cooking time and by that reduce gas consumption. 



Xcelerate™ - The patented burner technology creates lower yet powerful flames and features a downstep burner design, which makes the flame more wind resistant, producing results unmatched by regular burners.



WindBlock™ Pan Support - The patented pan support technology creates a barrier around the burner that provides superior wind deflection.



Multi-cooking options - The essential camping companion with endless cooking options! Why not prepare an English breakfast with beans, sausages and toast? Or perhaps grill some fresh fish whilst cooking some pasta?   Stoves with Multi-cooking options offers the widest range of cooking options (stove top, grill, griddle, plancha, wok or roast - depending on the product).



Easy to Transport - All the components can be stored inside the stove, making it easy to carry and transport. The legs are easy to assemble/disassemble and easy to store with the stove.




  • Power : Xcelerate™ burner  2x 2200W + Toast 1200W
  • Gas consumption : 2 x 165 g/h + 75 g/h
  • Outdoor Boil time : 1L in 10min ((at 3 m/s wind speed)
  • Lid : Painted Steel
  • Ignition : Piezo
  • Weight : 7kg
  • Dimensions : 55.5 x 44.5 x 46 cm
  • Runs off : R904, R907, Butane/Propane cylinder (not included)
  • Runtime :  9:30h (R907) - with toaster 7:30h / 16:00h (5kg cylinder) - with toaster 12:30h
  • Fits Pan Sizes : 16 - 26 cm (min./max.)