Campingaz Table Top Plancha Large

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The Campingaz® Plancha is just what you need for al fresco dining at home or your staycation this year! This is excellent quality and is easy to use and keep clean.  Perfect for those long Summer days!

Cooking outdoors no longer has to mean compromising with the versatile Plancha L. Featuring a powerful double burner that offers fast and consistent heat across the non-stick, enameled cooking surface, the table-top barbecue makes it easy to prepare a wide range of family favourites.

From fresh and healthy griddled vegetables to tasty steak or seafood – with the Plancha L the possibilities are endless! Supplied with a handy spatula for traditional Plancha cooking, the slim-line barbecue also benefits from convenient Piezo ignition.

As quick and simple to clean as it is to cook on, the Plancha L’s large cooking surface can be completely detached for effortless cleaning.

Delicious inspirations from appetizers to desserts!

With up to 350 degrees, the Campingaz® plancha offers an optimum temperature range, especially for steaks, in which the hot plate caramelizes the sugars of the meat and ensures full-bodied roasted aromas. In addition to meat and fish, seafood or Julienne prepared vegetables and poultry are a characteristic example of the variety à la plancha is able to cook. Get inspired!

The Plancha’s cooking surface enameled coating makes it easy to clean in no time.

Simply pour a little room temperature water on the still hot plancha plate and remove food leftovers. Afterwards, with help of the spatula, scrape the food and fat residue into the grease cup.  Please do not use ice cubes for the purpose of cleaning heated surfaces, since such a thermal shock can damage the plancha’s enameling.


  • Cooking surface dimensions: 2,800 cm²
  • Burner: Aluminium Steel
  • Number of burners: 2
  • Power: 8.2 kW
  • Gas consumption: 546 g/h
  • Cooking surface material: Enameled Stamped Steel
  • Cooking surface configuration: Plancha
  • Cooking height: 21 cm
  • Ignition: Piezo
  • Weight: 20 kg
  • Dimensions (L x D x H): 69 x 47 x 28 cm
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What’s not to love about the Plancha, it’s a favourite here at The Outdoor Hub!

  • Two high-performance aluminized steel burners (7.5 kW) which can be adjusted separately; plancha grill with piezo ignition for convenient lighting
  • Large enamelled stamped steel grilling surface (66 x 42 cm); cook your food evenly across the entire cooking surface of your tabletop plancha
  • The Grease collecting cup can be removed for cleaning; drains away excess fat and oils from foods
  • Ideal for creating a wide range of Mediterranean dishes; plancha-style embraces low-fat, high-heating cooking with no flare-ups
  • Tabletop barbecue operated from a standard gas cylinder (sold separately)