C-Skins Mens Legend 2:2 Flatlock Vest

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The C-Skins Legend 2:2 Vest is warm, comfy and durable. Ideal for all watersports activities such as surfing, bodyboarding and more. This vest is made from quality materials that ensure both warmth and stretch. This vest will provide protection against chafing and sun as well as providing comfort when lying or paddling on a board. This legend vest is designed to give you core warmth while offering zero restriction in the shoulder and arms for maximum paddle power. Perfect for summer or spring conditions and warmer waters.



  • Thickness - 2.0 mm  
  • 30% Xtend neoprene   
  • 70% Free Flexneoprene
  • Mesh Skin chest and back   
  • Breathable Flatlock seams   
  • True Thickness   
  • Overhead entry   
  • U.P.F 50+