C-Skins C-KID Children's Full Length Steamer 3/2mm Wetsuit

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C-Skins ethos combines passion with innovation; the C-Skins Steamer and all their products are crafted from cutting-edge technology and relentless creativity.  C-Skins are constantly pushing the limits of wetsuit design and materials so that you can push your own limits in the water. When you're wearing C-Skins you know that you've got 45 years of commitment out there with you.


The C-Skins C-Kid range of wetsuits are superbly designed with super flexible and soft 3/2mm neoprene and feature a front zip making them supremely easy to get on and off even when wet. These superb wetsuits are great for those youngsters who want to join in the beach fun with their siblings.  The short smooth skin collar is also cut lower than standard wetsuits which can be the source of irritation for some little ones - so increasing comfort.


Great for use in outdoor swimming where warmth and comfort are the main consideration.


The C-Kid range of shorties and full wetsuits from C-Skins are always extremely popular, practical and extremely functional wetsuits for youngsters encouraging them to cover-up, as the neoprene will provide some sun protection, and allow play in the water without being discouraged by the chill.



  • 3/2mm Neoprene - 100% XTend UltraStretch neoprene - flexible, lightweight, super hydrophobic lining that has excellent multi-directional stretch
  • Flatlocked stitched seams for a smooth comfortable inner seam finish
  • YKK Front Zip - easy on and off
  • Low Xtend neoprene collar
  • UV Protection
  • Colours available :  Red/Yellow, Magenta/Blue or Cyan/Navy/Lime


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