Bestway Kondor 3000 Boat Set

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The Bestway® Kondor 3000 is an inflatable raft that's a blast for kids and adults. It comes with oars and a pump, so it's ready to hit the water once it's inflated. 


There's a handle in the front so it's easy to transport around the lake or pool. The oar clasps are built into the sides of the raft to keep the oars in place. The included oars are 1.24m (49") long, so you can glide across the water quickly.


This is a fun filled boat for the whole family!



  • Inflated Size: 2.28m x 1.10m (7'6" x 43")
  • Floor also inflates for extra comfort while sitting
  • Carry handle and tow ring for transporting the raft
  • Oarlocks clasp to keep the included oars in place
  • Built for use by 2 adults and 1 child at a time; Weight Capacity: 186kg (410lbs)
  • Contents: 1 inflatable boat, 1 pair of oars, 1 pump, 1 repair patch