Bestway 14.5" Air Hammer Inflation Pump

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The Bestway® 14.5" Air Hammer is a simple and easy‑to‑use tool for all of your inflatable products.


With 3 valve adapters, it fits nearly every inflation valve; simply insert the valve, put your feet on the supports and move the lever up and down.


With heavy‑duty construction and a flexible hose, this is a pump that will stand the test of time. You'll love it because it doesn't just work on the up stroke but on the down stroke too ‑ saving you half the work.


This pump not only puts air in but also draws air out of your inflatable, easily switching between inflate mode and deflate mode, saving you a lot of time.



  • Suitable for use with any inflatable 
  • Three valve adapters to fit nearly every inflation valve
  • Easy switch between inflation and deflation
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Works on up and down stroke