SUP Buyers Guide

Soft SUPs

These boards are of foam construction, very economical and quite durable. They are fully functional across a variety of activities and cater for people of all ages and skill levels. Most first-time buyers will consider this a great family board because of the price They are great multi-purpose paddle boards.


  • For: Affordable, Softer if fallen on, Lightweight, Durable
  • Against: Less performance than Hard SUPs, Difficult to repair


Hard SUPs

These board are more expensive than the foam boards and although hard, can more easily be damaged. They out-perform soft boards. Their rigidity and space will make them faster and more agile.


  • For: Best performance, More style, Repairable with the right skills
  • Against: Heavier, more expensive


Inflatable SUPs

The main advantage of the inflatable SUPs is their portability. They are made from layers of hardwearing PVC plastic with woven fibres connecting the top to the bottom inside the board. They are surprisingly rigid once inflated and are very durable. Thicknesses range from around 4 to 6 inches. Thicker boards are more rigid and carry more weight. They are softer to fall on and perfect if travelling.


  • For: Portability and storage, Soft to fall on, Lighter
  • Against: Less performance than Hard SUPs, more expensive than Soft SUPs