C-Skins Legends 4mm Socks

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C-Skins are inspired by the restless spirit of the sea. Everything they do is about getting you out there to experience it. Their ethos combine passion with innovation; their products are crafted from cutting-edge technology and relentless creativity. They are constantly pushing the limits of design and materials so that you can push your own limits in the water. When you're wearing C-Skins you know that you've got 45 years of commitment out there with you.


C-Skins Legend 4mm Thermal PolyPro Socks with polypro thermal lining will help to keep your feet warmer for longer. The design of the C-Skins Legend Socks has been honed over the years to ensure optimal fit and comfort. 


These socks can be worn with snorkelling/freediving and body board fins (depending on size/fit of fin) or as possible alternatives to footwear for open water sea swimming in colder waters.


As with any neoprene accessory worn for added thermal protection, these socks would generally be worn fairly snug. The Legend Socks usually provide a snug fit/seal around the ankle up to the lower shin helping to reduce water intake. The 4mm neoprene will also give more buoyancy to the feet - something you may want to be aware of if using the socks for swimming.  Your usual shoe size is a good indicator to size required, although in most cases if you are a little between sizes we would recommend going up a size.



  • Glued and blindstitched seams  
  • Kevlar Sole  
  • ThermoTech Poly Pro lined