Bulldog Secure Lock Box

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The Bulldog Vehicle Keypod Security Lock holds all known car keys/immobilisers. The foam backing avoids scratches and it has a heavy-duty shackle. This security lock box provides peace of mind when you're in the surf, snorkeling or indeed any outdoor activity where it's difficult to carry your essential keys.


Seriously meaty piece of kit. The original secure key box that remains the best - and so far, proven to be the most secure. Read the instructions prior to use and carefully note your chosen combination number - once it's set the box is secure and little (if anything) will open it except the correct key code.



  • Quick and simple to use
  • Portable for travel
  • Four-digit combination lock
  • Foam backing to keep contents safe from scratches
  • Heavy-duty shackle
  • Strong Shackle strength
  • Size approx: (L)189 x (W) 66 x (H) 36mm