Bestway 19" Air Hammer Inflation Pump

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Bestway® 19" Air Hammer™ Pump is the perfect partner for pool owners with an inflatable pool. 


Forget about blowing it up with your mouth until you're red in the face and your pits are sweating because the swimming pool pump takes the stress, strain and pain out of relying on lung endurance alone to get the task completed. 


Pumping up the inflatable ring of a pool couldn't be easier with the 19" Air Hammer™ pump. 


It has a flexible and durable hose that simply plugs into an inflatable's air valve. Once the hose is secured inside the valve it's a simple case of repeatedly stroking the pump handle up and down until the inflatable has reached its air capacity.


The inflatable pump even has a deflate switch for when the sunny season ends, and a swimming pool needs to be packed up and put away! 


The inflator pump has an air volume of 2 x 2,000 cubic centimetres, making it a very powerful and highly efficient way to inflate a pool. In order to make it compatible with almost every inflatable on the market the pool pump comes with three different valve adaptors. 


Heavy‑duty construction means this little air pump was built to blow big air long into the future! Bestway® 19" Air Hammer™ Pump is also great for inflating a lido, an inflatable bed or even using as an inflatable boat pump. 


In fact, it's perfect for just about every inflatable!



  • Heavy-duty pump is quick & simple to use
  • Air volume of 2 x 2,000cc (Cubic Centimetres)
  • Easily switches from inflation to deflation
  • Great for inflatable chairs, beds, boats and more