Shine-A-Light LED Portable Torch

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This handy LED Light is the perfect solution for shining a light in any situation. With its 24 COB LED, giving 480 lumens of super brightness.   This light has 3 light settings:  100% brightness, 50% brightness and Flashing red emergency light. It also comes complete with various hanging solutions such as magnets and hooks so it can hang almost anywhere. Best of all this light is fully rechargeable within 6 hours giving 4 hours of continuous 100% brightness and can recharge your phone in an emergency.

Durable and tough construction
3 Light Modes
Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
Can be used as a Powerbank for your mobile phone
High Power 480 Lumen 5W White COB Light with 2 lighting modes (100% and 50% Power)
Red Flashing 8 Lumen 0.8W Red Flashing Warning Light
USB Cable included – 6 hours charge = 4 hours usage
Hook/stand anywhere and strong magnets within base of unit