Typhoon Totland Dog Life Jacket

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The Typhoon Totland Dog Life Jacket is a bespoke buoyancy aid and perfect for any of our furry friends whilst near water.  


Dogs are generally great swimmers however using a life jacket can protect them from unexpected currents or waves and general tiredness whilst they have been out exploring and having fun. 


Constructed from bright orange durable PU coated nylon, the jacket’s buoyancy is provided via PE foam. The jacket is fastened and adjusted via Acetal quick loop buckles. Additional features include a handy ‘haul out’ handle and a lead loop attachment point.


With the bright orange high-viz colour and light reflecting strips this life jacket will help your dog to be easily seen at all times especially in sheltered waters.  


  • Excellent quality
  • Extremely comfo
  • Bright orange high-viz colour and reflective strips for low light visibility
  • Easy to put on and remove with Acetal quick loop buckles
  • High quality PE foam construction for excellent buoyancy
  • Adjustable straps to ensure a snug fit to your dog
  • Lead loop attachment point 
  • Haul out handle
  • Jacket weight : 0.300 kg’s
  • Clean with fresh water and dry/store in well ventilated room


We would recommend measuring the size of your dog’s chest/neck and cross reference this with the approximate sizing below along with their weight to get the most suitable fit.


Sizes available :

  • Small (Yorkshire dog/Poodle) - Chest Size Max : 40cm. Neck Size Max : 24-30cm
  • Medium (Cocker) - Chest Size Max : 50cm. Neck Size Max : 28-35cm 
  • Large (Spaniel ) - Chest Size Max : 60cm. Neck Size Max : 32-50cm
  • XL (Labrador) - Chest Size Max : 75cm. Neck Size Max : 50-80cm